How far we've come

Greetings and welcome to Asunder, the one and only tribute to the Lightning Spirit, Ur, of the wonderful Nintendo DS Roleplaying game entitled, "Avalon Code". Avalon Code is a single game, not part of any other RPG series, and has a fairly small fanbase. The game itself is wonderful but this site is meant to present, and mostly analyse, the lightning spirit, Ur. Since Avalon Code isn't very popular, I've done my best to present the game in a neutral fashion so visitors could make their own assesment of the story and have a better understanding of the character.

SOTM December 2011!Before I even played the game I knew that Ur would be my favorite character. The game is small and not very indepth, so there is a minimal amount of information and media to be presented here. With that being said, please keep in mind that this site is primarily text-based and filled with unmarked spoilers. Though, I do hope that you will enjoy your visit to this site.

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