Paladin is a tribute dedicated to Lloyd Irving from the game/manga/OVA Tales of Symphonia. This site has gone through many iterations but has been a proud addition to my collection over the years. I have been a huge fan of Lloyd since I first played Tales of Symphonia and had wanted to make a site dedicated to Lloyd but there were already so many wonderful sites out there, and I felt that mine would not compare. I decided to go ahead with it and am glad I did, since most of those aforementioned sites are now gone.

May 13th, 2017 • Listed at Amassment | Emotion | First Aid!

For you visitors who may be unfamiliar; this site is known as a shrine, tribute or fansite That is: A website that is dedicated to the display and discussion of a single character, series, or idea. That being said, this site is predominantly text-based and revolves around many analytical essays that encompass Lloyd's character and personality from, mostly, the game and touches briefly on the anime and manga versions.