Meet the Gorons

Gorons are a race of mountain-dwelling humanoids that were first introduced in Ocarina of Time. Since then, they have appeared in almost every Zelda game. It is thought that the Gorons are also an ancient race, since they appear in Skyward Sword where other Hylian races do not. They have a rich culture and interesting diet, just a couple factors that make them my favorite race in the game.



Gorons are interesting in design as their body-types look like little rocky mountains. They are generally broad, round, all over large, with muscles everywhere. And yes, even the females. (You know those jokes people make about Dwarven women? I suppose the same goes for Gorons!) They have rough exteriors which gives them the appearance of rocks when they huddle over into a ball. Gorons will typically sleep or hide like this, a way to help them blend in with their surroundings. They usually have tufts of hair on their crown and face and tattoos. (Later, in Twilight Princess, Gorons had full-body tattoos.) Their designs are reminiscent of indigenous tribes, possibly Polynesian cultures.

The name "Goron" comes from the Japanese Onamonapia Goron, which is the sound effect of something rolling. Not only do they tuck themselves in as rocks, but when the Gorons roll up, it is also a much faster way for them to travel. Since they have very stumpy legs and large bodies, they will roll into balls and careen down sides of the mountain.


Gorons are a mountainous people and stay primarily near their necessary food source. However, they have a rich culture which includes many past time activities such as: Archaeology, Geology, Metalsmithing, Music and Dance, Sumo Wrestling, and Trading/Bartering just to name a few. Gorons will frequently participate in group dance sessions. In Twilight Princess Sumo wrestling was a common game of strength within the Goron tribe.

Gorons are well aware of their strength and weight but tend to be very laid back and generous. Gorons will refer to other Gorons as "Brother", which is a sign of great affection. When adopted into the Goron community, one would then be called "Brother".

Goron merchants are very common through the world and are known to have very rare and exceptionally interesting goods, even though Goron's primary export are Bomb Flowers. One is also able to get unique Goron-crafted goods including: The Goron Bracelet (which gives the wearer super strength), a Red Tunic (Amazingly fire-resistant), and even a two-handed sword crafted by reknowned Biggoron himself.


Gorons are a peaceful people and are primarily geo-tarians, meaning their diet consists mostly of rocks. Gorons have been known to bathe in hot springs so it can be assumed that they also drink (presumeably water, as they are not known to make juices, wines, or beers). If you want to know which rocks are tastiest, you would definitely have to ask a Goron for they find rocks have different flavors. The tastiest living inside the Dodongo's cavern, which leads me to believe that the higher risk the meal is, the more delicious it must be.