Darunia the Sage

In the Zelda series, there is a tradition of characters known as "Sages". This first began in The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, where seven sages sealed the golden power in the sacred land. Since then, the sages have played roles where they are in charge of great, magical powers and lend their wisdom in Link in his journey.

Sage has multiple meanings:

Noun One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.
Noun a man revered for his profound wisdom
Adjective 1. profoundly wise or prudent or 2. Obsolete solemn

Darunia awakens as a sage Darunia finds out that he has been chosen as the Sage of Fire and he finds it funny, to say the least. He knows that he has a firey personality and his people rely on him, not for his wisdom, but for his physical strength and blind courage. Darunia is also willing to accept his role as a Sage, knowing that his experience will help him to assist Link on his journey. Darunia also posses a kind of divine wisdom as a sage, where he calls upon the fire spirits to help Link.

"This is a Medallion that contains the power of the fire spirits--and my friendship."

Darunia awakens as a sage Unlike the sages in the past Zelda games, each sage has their own personal connection with Link. Perhaps Darunia's runs the deepest? Darunia had made a pact with Link and they became sworn brethern, when at first he wanted nothing to do with "outsiders". Unlike some of the other sages (Ruto or Saria, who had evident crushes on Link), Darunia shares a brotherly bond with Link and is fiercly passionate. This connection breaks the image of the typical sage: A bearded old man who sits upon a pedastal and only gives cryptic clues to the hero. Darunia assists link with his strength and firey friendship. Without this, Link would have been unable to complete his role as the Hero of time.

"Don't forget... Now you and I are true brothers!"