Due to the fact that this site is character-based, I have not taken the time to write a lot about the history of Zelda or much about the game itself. If you are interested in learning more about the Zelda-universe, here are some other great sites that you could check out: Zeldawiki, Zelda Universe are both great for general game information. Also, please check out the links page for other great sites!

The sites mentioned above were heavily referenced in the creation of this site. (I've played through the game several times but hadn't touched it in a year before this site was made.) I give credit to them for the use of images and quotes. Hyrule Warriors stats and weapons information was gathered from Koei Wiki. All essays and speculations were written entirely by me.

This site was created for Amassment's Minor Character Marathon. Darunia is a character that aids in the progression of the overall plot but has a very limited amount of screentime. I chose Darunia because I had planned to make a Goron/Darunia fansite/fanlisting back in 2007 but it didn't last long. I was glad to actually finish the project. In September of 2016, Rock Steady was a participant in Amassment's Shrine Revamp 2016 event where the design was revamped along with some added content.

Resource credits to Zeldawiki for the header image of Darunia from Hyrule Warriors! Screenshots were taken from me from youtube playthrough videos. Background texture from Subtle Patterns and fonts are from Google Fonts and Font Squirrel. Header font is "Bebas" and "Roboto Slab" is used for the body.