What's in a name?

Earlier I mentioned that the name Goron comes from the Japanese Onomatopoeia for the sound of something rolling. But where does Darunia's name come from? For me, finding the meaning and source behind a character's name is always very fun and interesting. And it's always very interesting to see where the conclusion is drawn.

For me, Darunia's name always remained sort of a mystery. I thought it was a really cool sounding name and emitted a sense of strength. I liked it even though I regularly found it difficult to pronounce: "DAH-ROO-NEE-YA". It looks like it should be: "DAH-ROON-AH", but it's got that extra "i" in there. Now that we have the pronounciation out of the way, what the heck does it mean? Well, according to an article at Zeldawiki, they say that his name may derive from the word "Rune".

Rune is the name of an old Germanic alphabet or often used to describe magic. But from Rune, there is also the Runestone, which were stones that were carved with images and runes. I believe, due to the Runestone, Rune has become another word for stone or rocks. This may lead to the assumption that Darunia's name comes from this meaning, since he is basically part rock.

But the search doesn't end there because that only focuses on part of his name. In my travels I come across the names of two other Goron leaders from later Zelda games: Darmani (Majora's Mask) and Darbus (Twilight Princess). There is something in common with all three of these Gorons: Their names all begin with "DAR". (Actually, when you look at the original Katakana, it reads as "DARU".) What does that mean?

Then, I remembered the Japanese doll known as Daruma and it seemed to all fall into place. Daruma dolls are always egg-shaped and seem to be a man rolled into a ball. Then I thought about one of the key characteristics of Gorons: They all roll into balls and become this egg shape. Plus, some of Darunia's appearance seems to actually stem from Daruma. He has the circular eyes and the facial hair all around his face. It was obvious then that his name comes from a combination of "Daruma" and "Rune".