"What a hot beat!"

Shake your groove thing! Behind that stone cold exterior, Darunia has a burning passion for...MUSIC. Specifically, music that is upbeat and cheery, music that reminds him of green meadows and cool woods. Music is a major theme in Zelda games and it plays a major part in Goron society. When one first meets Darunia, it would not be expected that he would completely lose control to the high-pitched tunes of a sweet potato ocarina.

With the Dodongo issue, Darunia had shut himself away in his chambers and refused to open his door to anyone except the messanger of Hyrule. When playing "Zelda's Lullaby", a song that was passed down through generations in the Royal Family, Darunia allowed Link to enter. Only to see that he was a child and an outsider. I realize that I have spoken only in parts about Darunia's personality. (Discussing his personality is crucial to understanding the transformation that is caused by the song.) Darunia at face-value is stubborn. We see this through his unwillingness to release information to Link. At first he seems one-dimensional: A cold-hearted tribal leader who cares nothing of outsiders and wishes the best for his own people. He feels that having outsiders interrupt will only make the situation worse. On the other hand, Darunia is fiercly loyal to both his country and his people. When he frets for his people it causes him to get angry, making him seem to have a very short fuse.

What a hot beat!What allowed Darunia to lower his guard? To break from his stubborn streak? Music is his weakness. He cannot resist a cheery beat and Link knew exactly the song to play: Saria's Song Saria's Song is a tune Link learned from Saria, his Kokiri friend (and Forest Sage). When Link played the song, Darunia suddenly burst out in a flurry of shakes and kicks in tune with his new favorite Melody. But why music? It's not something that is really touched on but it can be deduced that it's part of Goron culture. In later games like Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Gorons are revealed to have ceremonial dance sessions that revolve around dancing in tune to music. This shows that music is important to them daily. And also the fact that Gorons live in the Mountains with rocks and dirt, and very rarely get to leave, especially Big Brother. Darunia asks for music that reminds him of the mountains and forests, to help him get away from his current stress and depression.

"Heeey!! What a nice tune! Just like that, my depression is all gone! Something just came over me! I suddenly wanted to dance like crazy!"

Music also plays a crucial part in our culture where people use music therapy to help those who are sick or depressed. Perhaps it was music therapy for Darunia to give him the strength to take care of his clan.

A version of Saria's Song on Youtube.

If you'd like to have your own copy of the tune, you can right-click and save as: Saria's Song. Be careful, you might want to "dance like crazy", so listen at your own risk!