Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a Legend of Zelda Spin-off title that was first available for the Wii U in 2014. Hyrule Warriors Legends was ported to the 3DS in 2016. The game is a hack-and-slash style game featuring many characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise in addition to new characters. The story is not considered part of the Legend of Zelda canon.

Darunia first appears in the Death Mountain stage where Link's party, unfortunately, has to fight the Goron tribe. The Gorons are on the side of the Hyrulians but something had seemed to possess Chief Darunia. He kidnapped the Zora Princess, Ruto, and refused to let anyone come through their territory. It is most likely the work of the dark sorceress, Cia. After Link's party made it to Darunia and defeated him, he is able to snap back to his senses and join the Hyrulians in their fight against evil.

In this game, Darunia is able to accompany Link and Link's friends on various missions and is able to take part in the action. Darunia's main weapon is the hammer. He also is able to use his abilities as a Goron to roll and smash his enemies. Due to being a rock creature, his movements are slow but he is very powerful.

Game and Weapon Stats

Element Weakness Resistance
Fire Water Lightning, Darkness
Hammer Name Base Attack
Magic Hammer 80
Igneous Hammer 150
Megaton Hammer 280
8-Bit Food Hammer 280
Megaton Hammer+ 500
Darkfire Hammer 500