Darunia's Story

Most of us already know the story of Link, but what is Darunia's story? What part of this puzzle does he fit in?

Link first meets Darunia as a child when he travels up the treacherous Death Mountain. When coming to the mountain, he meets talking rocks, or as he later discovers, the Gorons. Link is on a quest to get the three sacred artifacts to open the Temple of Time, where the Master Sword sleeps, and the second: the Goron's Ruby. The best way to get this is to just ask the Goron chieftain himself.

Strange things had been going on within the Dodongo's cavern where the Gorons would harvest their main dietary staple, rocks, and their primary export: Bomb Flowers. Darunia, frustrated with how things were going and unable to help his follow Gorons, had locked himself in his chambers along with the Goron's Ruby. Darunia refused to open his door to anyone except the Messanger of Hyrule. Link, who learned Zelda's Lullaby, was able to use the song to get access to Darunia.

Darunia is not amusedDarunia, stubborn and rock solid, refused to budge to give link the Goron's Ruby. Let's admit it, he's was skeptical at first. This kid was the messanger from Hyrule? This scrawny kid in a skirt? PUH-LEASE. Darunia stood his ground and stubbornly refused to talk to him, unless Link could give him a hot tune. Darunia's softspot was music and he loved any upbeat tune he could shake his groove-thang to. Saria's song did the trick! But Darunia was reluctant to give up the gem.

"But hold on--I'm not going to give it to you that easily. If you want it so badly... Why don't you go destroy the monsters inside of the Dodongo's Cavern and prove you're a real man?"

ooh! SHINY! He probably wasn't expecting Link to pull off the task so easily, or maybe at all, and when he returned he was thrilled. Because Link was able to get rid of the monstrous Dodongo, the Gorons were able to continue their harvesting. Darunia was surprised and thrilled and presented Link with the Goron's greatest treasure. He was so thrilled, in fact, that he made a pact with Link that they were sworn brothers AND named his son after him!

Seven Years Later... Darunia has gone missing... Ganondorf had released a wild dragon named Volvagia into Death Mountain and turned it into a wasteland. Most of the Gorons had fled or were fed to Volvagia as snacks. Darunia had done his best to try and defeat the wicked beast but to no avail, he simply wasn't strong enough. Strong-willed Darunia would not give up a fight so easily, however. Link returned to Death Mountain again and Darunia had asked again for his help, as his sworn-brother. Link would free the Gorons from the clutches of Volvagia and Darunia would try to defeat the dragon. Where had Darunia gone then? Had the dragon devoured him?

Link, with the power of the Sacred Sword, was able to defeat the beast and returned to the Realm of the Sages. Surprisingly, Darunia himself appeared as the third sage, the Sage of Fire.

Thank you, Brother! I really appreciate what you did. I thank you on behalf of the entire Goron race! You turned out to be a real man, just as I thought you would! By the way, I, the wild Darunia, turned out to be the great Sage of Fire... Isn't that funny, Brother? Well, this must be what they call destiny. Nothing has made me happier than helping you seal the evil here!

But that wasn't quite the end of Darunia's role in Link's quest. After all seven sages were awakened, they joined their powers together to fill the gap to Ganondorf's castle and lended their power that way, to see the evil sealed away from Hyrule.