Big Brother

Gorons typically refer to close friends or tribe-mates as "Brother", a term of endearment and trust. Darunia, being the leader of the Gorons, is always referred to as "Big Brother". Darunia reveals that he feels strongly about his Goron Brethren through mentioning them as "Brother", but when he first meets Link, he does not speak to him in this manner.

leikOMGBFFS!Darunia knows that he has a firey personality and a short temper, but he rules with a strong fist and works hard to make sure his people are protected. The Gorons share upmost respect for Darunia and trust that he will be able to provide them with everything they need: food, shelter, and security. As chief, and trusted guardian, he is known as "Big Brother".

Run away! Unlike Gorons who are instantly known as "Brother" in their society, Link has to earn this respect as an outsider. After destroying the King Dodongo, Darunia gives Link the title of Brother. Link had to earn his title of "Brother" from Darunia, after he proved that he was indeed "Man Enough" and ran King Dodongo out of the Dodongo Caverns. At first Link was an Outsider and Darunia refused to open up to him. What made Darunia change his mind? Well, everyone has an Achille's Heel, if you will.

Gorons like to greet their brothers with big, gracious hugs. Unfortunately, to humans, this sign of affection would have deadly consequences. (Such as: fractured ribs, broken spines, and squashed/punctured internal organs.) However, it is not considered rude to deny (or even run away) from a Goron's act of affection or greeting.